Jordan Ogren

March 2, 2022

Marketing doesn't work unless you do this...

Marketing takes time.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. 

Sure, you could run some FB ads and try to get a quick profit, but it's not that easy. There's so much behind having success with paid media. 

This fact of marketing being a slow burn was brought up in Rob Fitzpatrick's community.

Rob shares a story that contains some important lessons and the solution to this conundrum:

"In London, nine years ago, I started a small meetup called Startup Burger Night. Every Wednesday: same time, same place.

For the first twelve weeks, I mostly just sat there by myself for two hours and quietly ate my burger, because nobody else had shown up. A year later, that event had grown into an important part of London's fledgling startup ecosystem, seeing 30+ amazing attendees each week. 

Whenever starting something new, I'm reminded of those quiet, early weeks at burger night.

(And today, looking at these old photos, I see several faces who went on to start $100M+ businesses, some who became excellent investors, and more.)."

Marketing (i.e., starting a community or creating content) will begin slow. At the start, it will be quiet, like only having 37 subscribers for this email.

But the critical thing to do is continue to show up.

"These sorts of things start small, grow imperceptibly, and then suddenly start to snowball. But only if you keep showing up."

All you and I control is the showing up part. Maybe I'll get 100 subscribers this year; perhaps I won't. But I will show up every day with something new to share.

You don't control if your marketing sparks a forest fire or a small flame. But if you continue to show up, do the right things, and improvise, it will work. I promise you that.

How are you showing up?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO