Jordan Ogren

November 30, 2021

No one buys from parrots <> CR07

Another week, another LinkedIn ad to rewrite.

Note: If you would like me to rewrite something specific to you, or stop doing LinkedIn ads, email me and let me know.

Today's ad is from a reputable company, UserTesting. But, that doesn't mean they couldn't make a few tweaks to improve. Let's check out the ad:
What I like about the ad:
  1. The creative catches your eye as its design is above par in regards to other ads
  2. It uses only one sentence of copy (yet it's a looooong sentence)

What I would change about this ad:
  1. Use a period or question mark to make the copy easier to read. Having 21 words in a sentence isn't a sin, but in an ad, it is.
  2. Limit the copy in the creative. "It's never too late for user feedback" is sufficient. The copy underneath, "Learn how..." repeats itself from the copy in the post.
  3. Remove the logo in the creative. There are three logos in this post (1 for the company posting it, one above "It's never too late...", and on the eBook). No one wants to see your logo that much, even if it's pretty.

Let's see how I would rewrite and recreate the creative to make this ad more focused:
The first change I made was giving the sentence space. Instead of a long 21-word sentence, I used a question mark to split the sentences up. The hook or first sentence is only 5 words which are easier to consume.

The second change I made was to tease the report. I grabbed a specific title (UX designers) that UserTesting targets and used it to sell the report, "Learn from experienced UX designers..."

The third change I made was to remove the sub-line in the creative. It repeats the content in the post and is almost like a parrot. And, no one buys from a parrot.

The fourth and final change I made was to make the CTA actionable. Instead of "How to..." I put "Start..." This shortens the copy and is more direct.

This ad was already in good shape, but I believe cutting a few elements and shortening the copy makes it read better and achieve the desired action at a higher rate.

Marketeer Insights ⚔️
  • Use a short and snappy sentence for your hook, not a 21-word sentence.
  • Use the creative efficiently to work with the copy, not as a distraction (repetitive copy)
  • Make your CTA actionable and as short as possible.

🧠 + ❤️ // JO