Jordan Ogren

October 27, 2021

No one listening? Try this:

"Stay 200 feet back."

Have you ever seen that before on a truck?

I did today, and it made me curious as to how far is 200 feet.

Like, how do I visualize 200 feet? 
Do I envision 34 "Jordan's" in a row (I'm six feet tall)?

Instead, I switched lanes and flew by the garbage collector.

Sadly, many marketers make this mistake. They state how their product can deliver 600mps of internet speed without connecting that to our current knowledge.

No one understands your product's unique factors like you do. Therefore, to make your audience care, you must tie your product's unique elements to something they can understand.

Here's an example using the 200 feet caution sign:

"Stay 12 cars back."

Can you visualize 12 cars better than 200 feet? I can.

Think about how you currently market your product. 

Are you connecting it to things your audience can visualize? 
Or are you simply stating what you want to say about your product?

Marketeer Insights ⚔️:
  • Tie unique product features or warnings to things people can visualize
  • When writing, try connecting concepts to things your audience understands
  • If something is not getting the desired result (cars not staying 200 feet down), try rewording it to make it more clear

🧠 + ❤️ // JO