Jordan Ogren

July 12, 2022

Not all advice is equal.

Katie and I are buying a duplex.

Our goal is to live on one side while renting the other out. We eventually plan to move out and keep it as passive income.

I've had many people respect our decision.

They comment how they wish they would have done something similar when younger. Or they mention how it's a smart move because we have no kids or significant responsibilities.

Except for one group of people: My parents.

They balked at Katie and I's idea when I first shared it. They offered a handful of reasons why it could fail and pushed us on if we were ready for this. They disagreed with our decision.

And that's okay. 

My parents grew up broke. Now, they have over a million in their retirement funds. But, what they did to get to where they are, will not get Katie and me to where we want to go.

You've heard the cliché: What got you here won't get you there.

My parents used strict savings, disciplined decisions, and risk aversion to achieve their dreams.

Katie and I will need different skills to achieve our dreams.

And our children will likely need a completely different list of skills to achieve their dreams.

And that's why I'm okay with them not agreeing with us.

(Note: Conformity is not the goal. Making the best decision is.)

I understand they are playing a different game than Katie and I. 

I appreciate and respect their advice, I just understand where it is coming from, and Katie and I will use our little wisdom to make the best decision in light of that.

Think about all the advice you get from individuals playing radically different games than you. 

Do you accept it without seeing where it's coming from?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO