Jordan Ogren

September 2, 2021

Paradox of growth.

We all have that friend who frequently switches career paths.

They are unable to stick with one thing and continually switch it up. Unfortunately, most companies are the complete opposite.

They stay stagnant for far too long. They keep delivering on their differentiation created a decade ago and never grow out of the shadow of their history. 

They fail to evolve their strategy and identity (brand).

The paradox is this: To execute your strategy and establish your identity, you need consistent execution (stagnant). But to have an effective strategy and brand requires constant iteration and the ability to abandon the plan.

You need to cling tight to and execute your current strategy and brand while looking forward to grow and progress continually.

The challenge arises when we cling too tightly to the current while sacrificing the future.

"The tighter you cling to your current identity, the harder it becomes to grow beyond it." — James Clear.

The answer to consistent growth is not complete detachment (abandonment) from everything current (strategy, vision, brand). That would lead to you being like the friend who is always career hopping.

Instead, find the sweet spot between executing the strategy and iterating.

In this space, you will crush your current objectives while continually positioning yourself for the best future.

How do you ensure your company continues to grow?

🧠 // JO