Jordan Ogren

July 10, 2021

Perceptions, learning how to see, and digital products <> 3 Resources for you

Hey friend 👋🏼

I apologize for missing the past three weeks of sharing content with you.

In that time:
  • I got married
  • Went to Cancun for our honeymoon
  • And celebrated the 4th of July in my hometown

Busy is an understatement. (My wife also started a new job this week!)

Enough about me. How are you doing?

Is your summer going swell?

Hit that reply and let me know what’s new in your beautiful world.


📖 What I read this week:

How do you decide what content to make? How do you know what messaging to lead with?

Perceptions. That’s why this article is so impactful, and I would strongly urge you to read to at least understand why perceptions are vital to driving marketing success.

🎧 What I heard this week:

This episode has nothing to do with marketing other than how to create a stellar podcast. I share this because the premise for the episode/podcast is fundamental; the way we see things hugely impacts our lives.

📺 What I watched this week:

If you’re still not sold on creating digital products, watch this video and see why it’s the future. Jack is also someone I see a ton on Twitter, but I finally got to listen to him in extended form on this hour-long video podcast.

I hope one of those three resources can help you and improve the work you do.

Have a fantastic Saturday!

🧠 // JO