Jordan Ogren

April 21, 2022

Something (new) is in the water...

I have some big news...

I'm starting a weekly newsletter. It's called a Newsletter On Marketing.

It will showcase podcast episodes, interviews, and hopefully longer-form articles I plan to write.

But that's not the point of this email. 

I was recently at dinner with a friend. We were eating some fantastic pizza, and I told him I was starting a newsletter. He then asked an intriguing question, one I've yet to consider:

"Do you wish you started the weekly newsletter and then the daily? Or are you happy with the way it evolved?"

My gut reaction was that I'm happy with the path I've taken. 

The reason: I may have never started a daily email if I started with a weekly one.

While that's not a bad thing, I've learned and grown significantly through daily shipping. I wouldn't trade that for anything (even 1,000 subscribers!).

If I was asked which one should someone begin with, it's hard to decide.

If someone wants to grow a newsletter and become "popular" through it, choose weekly.

If someone wants to get better at writing, improve their confidence by shipping daily, and have less pressure, go with daily.

The truth is, it's hard as shit to grow a daily email that covers many different topics. 

It is easier for people to commit to reading a weekly or biweekly newsletter that requires less time and cognitive investment.

But you get fewer reps when you go with weekly. 

With a weekly newsletter, you only ship 52 times.
With a daily newsletter (skipping weekends), you ship 261 times.

By taking the daily route, you ship five times more and have to come up with over 200 different ideas.

Over time, this builds up your writing and idea generation muscles.

I know I wouldn't be as confident and hopefully competent with my writing if I started with the weekly newsletter.

But now, being close to a year and a half in, I think it's time to focus on growth and build a hyper-focused asset on marketing.

As the title suggests, it's all about marketing. 

If that sounds like something you want to receive weekly, join the journey by clicking here:

This daily email is not going anywhere and will hopefully grow as people come from the weekly email to understand better who Jordan Ogren is.

I appreciate you for being on this journey from the beginning.

None of this is possible without you and the support I've received from my tiny tribe.

Love and peace to you. Thank you.

🧠 + ❤️ // JO