Jordan Ogren

April 26, 2022

Sometimes brief ≠ good <> CR17

I'm all for short and snappy content.

But sometimes, if you are too short, you will fail to cover your pitch fully. This leaves the reader unsure of who you are and what you're selling.

This leaves them confused, which typically doesn't drive results.

Today's ad feels a little empty and lifeless. I hope to pump some life into it.

Who: Nuveda – A strategic partner for anyone providing Learning & Development solutions
What they are selling: CALF LMS, which is a learning management system

What I like about this ad:
  • The ad uses data as a hook (objective > subjective)
  • The ad copy is short and not longwinded (digestible)

What I would change about this ad:
  • Get more specific about whom you serve
  • Be more conversational (talk with them, not at them)
  • Get to the benefit of the benefit (does anyone want to measure things to measure them?)

Here's my take on putting life into this ad:

My first change is to put the statistic in a better context.

75% is a significant number. But what about 3 out 4 companies. For me, 3 out of 4 is more weighty than 75% (maybe it's just me).

My second change is to talk with the person.

Ask them questions and use the word "you" more. Give a shit about the person reading your ad and take a conversational tone. It will help them give a 💩 about you.

My third change is to improve the ending.

"Get started!" means nothing. **Become a part of the 25% does. ****I also clarify what the product is (learning management system) rather than just stating the name.

My fourth change is to enhance the call-to-action.

"Set up for training success with..." is business-focused. You want your CTA to be customer-focused. Make it about them, what will they get or learn by clicking the link.

Before and After17.jpg

If you're going to choose the route of brevity, ensure it's enough.

Nothing is worse than trying to sell with minimal content, and the reader feels like there is more they need to know—it feels like something's missing.

This will result in them skipping your ad and not clicking to learn more.

🧠 + ❤️ // JO