Jordan Ogren

January 10, 2022

Stop doing this and focus on one platform.

One platform. That’s all you need to dominate to be successful in marketing.

But if you’re like me, you feel a constant pull toward new social media platforms or maybe old ones you’ve long since left. Why the pull?

Because we see others dominating on those platforms and wonder if we could improve our marketing by going there, too.

But we fail to realize that going to a new platform will bear little fruit until we dominate one channel and build our base there.

Even established companies would be better off solely focusing on one channel rather than trying to nail every platform and channel.

Why is focusing on one platform, rather than two or three, beneficial?
  • You focus your limited energy on building a base 
  • You find out quickly if your target audience is there and if they care for your content
  • You focus on more critical marketing tasks (i.e., messaging and positioning) than posting on every platform

Why do most companies miss this point?
  • They listen to some guru online who mentions that you need to be on every platform to be successful and fall for the trap
  • They see big brands do it, so they think their small team can do it too
  • They focus on quantity vs. quality and want more platforms to post their content on

For me, I see people dominating Twitter with threads and think I should naturally go there as well. The thing is, I have yet to solidify a following on LinkedIn. 

And by dividing my attention between two platforms, my chances of success drastically drop.

So instead, I will focus on one platform (LinkedIn) while building my newsletter.

The deep truth is that social media shouldn’t be where you build your base. 

A newsletter, website blog, or podcast are better channels than social media.

What platform are you trying to dominate? 

Do you believe in a single platform focus, or am I off on this one?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO