Jordan Ogren

June 4, 2021

Stop waiting for permission. Start.

Who am I to speak on marketing?

I've thought that many times. 

Who gave me permission to speak on my experiences and insights?

This thought leads me to think I should wait to speak on marketing. 

Wait until I've garnered the CMO position.
Wait until I have a proven track record.

But why?

Why do I have to wait to start sharing?

Have you had similar thoughts?

If you're waiting for permission to start sharing, you'll never share.

Have you wanted to start a newsletter? A podcast? A video series?

Whose permission do you need? No ones. 

Give yourself permission. Start!

And before you know it, you will be thankful you took the leap of faith.

Because you'll realize: I should have done this months ago.

While I began writing my daily email back in December, I wish I would have started three years ago.

But I was waiting for permission.

I gave myself permission to start. And you should too.

🧠 // JO