Jordan Ogren

April 10, 2021

Strategy vs. Tactics

Tactics do not equal strategy.

Tactics are derived from your strategy, but they do not equal having a strategy.

Why am I stating this?

Because I’ve seen too many people confuse isolated tactics with having a strategy.

Especially in marketing.

And why is this bad? Because you are never able to improve your marketing systemically.

Your tactics may lead to big wins. But you can’t refine and build upon tactics. 

Tactics are one-off executions.

Tactics focus on the WHAT.

A good strategy focuses on the WHY and HOW.

And as Simon Sinek says, “Start with why.” (New drinking game: Drink every time you see this quote on LinkedIn)

By starting with tactics, thinking you’re building a strategy, you create minimal improvements for your marketing.

But by going to the roots, the WHY and HOW, you can leverage data and refine your strategy as you go.

The issue? Tactics-action feels far better than taking two steps back and creating a detailed strategy.

But once you have a strategy in place, your tactics will have far more impact.

And it will be easier to establish new tactics-actions from your established strategy.

Which are you focusing on: Tactics or strategy?

There’s a time and place for both; just don’t confuse the two.

🧠 // JO

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