Jordan Ogren

May 6, 2021

The best time to post content or send emails is...

There is no "best time" to send an email or post content.

I'm sorry to ruin your day. It's the truth.

I recently wrote a few cold emails for a new client, and he believed Friday was the best day.

He reasoned that people are happy the week is over and more likely to open an email.

In contrast, when deciding on the best time to send Stop The Vanilla's newsletter, The Weekly Scoop, we decided against Friday.

We reasoned that people might have checked out by then—or started their weekend early.

So, we picked Wednesday as it's the middle of the week, and people are more likely to be engaged. 

Who was right?


The focus on when to send takes away from putting more energy into what you're sending.

When you think there's a magical time to send, you believe success is more tied to timing than the substance of the content.

The truth?

Great content rises to the surface—no matter the time.

Elon Musk could post at 1:32 am on a Sunday, and it will do better than if I post at 8 am on Wednesday.

What's more critical for content is consistency and frequency.

Sending at the same time and the same frequency will help your readers expect your content. Saving them the effort of searching for it.

But that isn't even bulletproof. Some of the best daily emailers I'm subscribed to send emails randomly throughout the day.

And I still read them.

My concluding advice for you is: Test with your audience and see what works best for them.

Test the time and frequency and see what resonates.

Throw some shit at the wall and see what sticks.

🧠 // JO