Jordan Ogren

June 29, 2021

The best way to "sell".

Katie and I recently bought a mattress.

When we walked into the mattress store, a salesman poached us.

He took us first to the most expensive mattresses, then the worst, and finally the middle-priced ones. Naturally, I expected this sales tactic.

But one thing stood out to me more than the overused sales tactic of (High-low-middle priced):

How he educated us on the mattress.

Instead of selling us on how great his mattresses were, he showed us the meat of the mattress.

He explained that most mattresses use a collection of springs that work off each other. So when you lay on the bed, the entire bed compresses, and you eventually end up in the middle.

Their mattresses are different. The springs are independent and only compress when you lay on top of them.

This was interesting to learn.

My current mattress is horrible and does exactly what he discussed—I usually end up in the middle of the bed.

He explained how this leads to a more comfortable sleep and that your partner’s movement will not affect you.

Did this education seal the deal for us?

Not completely.

But it helped give me more reasons to purchase this type of mattress instead of staying with my older one.

It also made me feel more educated to make the right decision as he further taught us the amount of cushioning in each tier of beds.

The best way to sell your product is to educate your prospect.

Maybe this education is directly related to what you do. Or maybe it’s more high-level.

Figuring out how you can educate your buyer will lead to more sales and happier customers.

At least that’s what it did for me.

🧠 // JO