Jordan Ogren

June 30, 2021

The greatest marketing metric.

Marketing is synonymous with change.

The goal of your marketing is to achieve some change—a change in perception or action.

And how does change happen?

Think about the Pro-Life people who walk around with signs outside of planned parenthood.

By shouting and waving their message, do they create change?

I think they do.

In the opposite direction.

People gain more hatred toward religion. People become entrenched in their Pro-Choice stance.

What are the Pro-Life people missing?

They aren't having conversations with those they wish to change.

Conversation is at the heart of change.

And that's why conversations are the greatest marketing metric there is.

When your marketing spurs conversation, it's doing its job.

It's chipping away and eventually leading to a possible conversion moment.

But to create conversations, you need a few things:
  • Genuine empathy for the other side
  • Messaging that revolves around them, not you
  • Actions that don't scale

A perfect example of using marketing to create conversations is in the two types of welcome emails.

The traditional welcome email begins by telling the customer what your company does and stands for. And then leads to sharing your best content with them.

The second and more nuanced approach to welcome emails is to ask them a question.

If I had a welcome email, which I should, this is what I would ask:

"What is one thing you wish your marketing would do that it currently is not doing to help grow your business?"

This would begin a conversation between the new subscriber and me.

And it would lead to me understanding where they are and possibly giving me future topics to cover in this email.

When you have conversations as your primary marketing metric, your actions will change to create more conversations.

And when you have more conversations, you create deeper connections, and with deep connection comes increased conversion.

Conversations > website traffic/open rate/likes.

🧠 // JO