Jordan Ogren

April 22, 2022

🪞The Lookback 4/18 - 4/22

Another week down.

How did you do? I did okay.

There were a few things I wish I got done, but overall, it was a productively peaceful week.

What did I do this week?

  • Released episode 4 of my NEW podcast (listen here:
  • Prepared to release V2 of MyTalentPlanner's website next week (See V1 before we switch:
  • I ran 4 times for a total of 15 miles
  • I had two amazing conversations with friends that revived my soul and provided ideas and insights
  • Prepared to launch MyTalentPlanner next Monday (OMG!)

What did I learn this week?

1. We need to see ourselves both as the hero and villain.

Rarely do we see ourselves as the villain.

When we read horrific stories of abuse or tragedies caused by humans, we fail to realize a powerful truth. We could easily be the person who caused the damage. We are all inches (decisions) away from following orders as the Nazi soldiers did and becoming the evil we fear.

Only by facing our shadows and acknowledging that we hold the power to be extremely evil can we make the intentional decisions to be the best version of ourselves.

2. Revenue Teams are the future for high-growth organizations.

Sales and marketing were never separate; it was always an illusion.

While sales and marketing have been siloed for the longest, they were never separate at their core. The goal for both is to drive revenue. Each has its avenue for doing so, but they should be aligned toward similar goals and working together.

That's why Revenue Teams (which comprise Sales, Marketing, Success, and Support) will be the future for orgs that want to grow predictably.

3. Life is challenging (for many).

Life is a son of a b*tch, yet we do everything in our power to avoid that truth.

The sky is blue, even if clouds block the sky from you. Whether you help with a soup kitchen or not, there are people who can barely get by. We are experts at ignoring the hurt, the poor, and the disadvantaged, as that could "kill our vibe."

It's our choice to draw near the hurt and allow love to move us to help or ignore it and live our lives in a fantasy.

Notable resources for you

The one question on my mind

Who haven't I been exposed to that would inspire me if I knew they existed or knew the details of their lives? And how could I learn about those people?

Thanks for reading this week's lookback.

Now it's your turn to share:
  • What did you accomplish this week?
  • What did you learn this week?
  • What did you read, listen to, or watch that educated, entertained, or inspired you?
  • What question is on your mind?

Have a wonderful weekend!

🧠 + ❤️ // JO