Jordan Ogren

September 30, 2021

The one habit that will change your life.

A friend recently shared his new idea for writing articles. 

He plans to write foundational articles, release them as "101," and then go up to "201" while increasing in complexity. I loved the idea so much that I may implement it within the marketing space.

Curious, I asked him where he got the idea. His answer supported a core hypothesis of mine.

He came to this idea after writing an article a week for a leadership class within his organization. Through writing, it occurred to him the value of documenting his thoughts and beliefs.

But more importantly, he wants to show the journey or extended path to how he got his current beliefs.

So by releasing an article on why we should make decisions that create the least amount of suffering, he then can write an essay on why he is both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. The first article builds on the next.

My hypothesis is this: Through writing, we arrive at better ideas. 

In the micro, this looks like arriving at a better idea or path of action.
In the macro, this looks like gaining self-awareness and clarity.

Could we arrive at better ideas by talking out our thoughts? Possibly. Group brainstorming can lead to better results, but usually, it results in groupthink.

Writing is purely individualistic. You can't write together with someone at the same time. 

This is why I believe it brings more significant benefits of clarity. It's like a conversation with yourself.

What does this mean for you?

Start writing daily if you aren't already. Twenty minutes a day can do wonders for your personal and mental health while improving your professional trajectory.

Challenge: When faced with a problem, grab a pen or laptop, and write it out. Make writing down your thoughts or your decision-making process a habit.

You will inevitably arrive at a better place than when you began writing. 

In the end, writing is powerful because it elevates consciousness.

And when you are on a higher level of consciousness, you will make better decisions resulting in a better life.

Maybe you got all your shit together. Don't write then. But if you have areas of growth or challenges in your life, writing is the key to improvement.

What's stopping you from making writing a healthy habit?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO