Jordan Ogren

November 17, 2021

The one thing NBC and NPR do to create raving fans.

What’s the difference between NBC and NPR? (Other than two letters)

This difference is key to standing out and creating raving fans.

The difference between NBC and NPR is the way they present their hosts. 

Each platform has content that contains “hosts.” The difference is how NBC has created personas for each of their hosts—their hosts have unique personalities that draw people.

It is not NBC that you fall in love with. It’s Jimmy Fallon for laughs or Lester Holt for news.

No one turns on NBC for NBC. Instead, they turn it on for their favorite personality.

No one buys because of your logo. They buy because you are human.

NPR quickly realized this and deployed a similar strategy as NBC. Instead of only making kick-ass content, they focused on developing deeply human hosts that we could connect with beyond looks and initial impressions.

The same opportunity NPR took advantage of is available for you.

What do you need to do? Forget your corporate brand.

Stop putting time and energy into posting from your company pages and direct that energy into building one or two C-level personalities.

Drift, the live chat software, does this well. Instead of putting all their eggs into the company page, they develop other people that represent Drift. Some of those people are:
  • David Cancel (Co-founder)
  • Dave Gerhardt (Chief Brand Officer)
  • Tricia Gellman (CMO)

Instead of falling in love with a faceless object (company page), have personalities with which your audience can connect and build a relationship.

The sad truth: To build an authentic personality requires self-awareness.

I’m not urging you to create a false personality for your audience to worship. What I’m suggesting is to embrace who you are and let that shine through your public persona.

It’s not about developing a super cool personality. It’s about finding yours and letting it shine.

Marketeer Insights ⚔️
  • People buy from people, not faceless corporations
  • Create personalities (based on truth) to represent your company in the marketplace and build strategic connections
  • Use self-awareness to develop deeper and stronger personalities

If you had to honestly divide how much time you spend on building the face of the org vs. building personalities, what is the split?

How can you move more time into the bucket of building personalities?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO