Jordan Ogren

May 17, 2021

The overlooked way to improve your marketing.

I’m an optimization junky.

I strive to maximize my life through optimization in every area. 

This results in routinely ruminating on how to do improve. 

And my mind always goes to adding things. 

For my mental health, this looks like adding meditation or adding a daily walk.

But rarely does that bring huge improvements.

So what does help exponentially?


When I delete all social media (except for LinkedIn), stop reading the news, and eliminate junk food is when I see considerable improvements.

We think addition is the only path to improvements and forget that subtraction provides a clearer and quicker way to “better.”

We believe the same fallacy when it comes to marketing.

If you want to make your marketing more effective, I’m guessing your mind goes right to addition.

What new channel can I adapt?
What new content series can we start?
Do we need to do more videos?

While we forget the power in subtraction.

When looking at ways to optimize your marketing, start first with subtraction.

That doesn't mean avoiding addition at all costs.

It's just that starting with subtraction is substantially more effective in creating positive change.

Especially with your marketing.

🧠 // JO