Jordan Ogren

April 22, 2021

The paradox of constraints.

Whether you’re a creative person or know one, this truth will resonate:

Give a creative person free rein, and nothing will ever get done.

As brilliant as creatives are, they never “finish” anything without having guardrails.

I call those guardrails constraints.

But put too many guardrails in place, and you’re back to square one.

“Give a creative brain too many rules, too intense of instructions, and they naturally rebel. Their brains push back, they feel stifled, and eventually, they give up.” — Fred Dust.

That is why Fred suggests having one guiding rule and marrying it. (See where I got the idea for having one rule?)

His one rule led him to write Making Conversation: Seven Essential Elements of Meaningful Communication, an instant best-seller.

His rule?

“Write where you are.”

No matter if he was on a bus, on a plane, or waiting in line for his COVID-19 vaccine, he wrote.

And within no time, he had written 500 pages which he later organized into his book.

Constraints are paradoxical in that through rules and structure, you're set free.

Free to chase that creative dream you’ve been waiting to pursue. 

Or like me, free to overcome life instead of feeling crippled.

What’s your one rule?

🧠 // JO