Jordan Ogren

May 25, 2021

The power of bridges.

Aren't bridges innovative creations?

They enable a more efficient way to get from one place to another.

Take my home state of Michigan for an example. 

Without the mackinaw bridge, getting from the Upper Peninsula to the lower would require going through a few states.

They allow someone with a problem (I want to cross this body of water) to find a solution (drive across the water on this large chunk of concrete and metal structures).

How many of your people have a problem that you could help solve? Maybe they don't even realize there is a better way.

But you have the bridge that can take them from where they are to the promised land (the results of your product/service).

"Bridging solutions to your prospect's problems using their language, not yours, is one of the core disciplines of sales [and marketing]" — Jeb Blount (Fanatical Prospecting)

Jeb discusses how to build a bridge for prospecting:

"In prospecting, your bridge is the because that gives them a good reason to give up their time for you."

But how do you build this bridge within your copy and marketing?

1. Use research and conversations to uncover specific problems

- Problem = I run marathons and my shoes are destroying my back.

2. Tie the specific problem to your solution through their language

- "Training for a marathon but killing your back in the process? Running longer doesn't need to result in longer bouts of pain."

3. Build the bridge from their problem to your solution

- "Avoid icing your back after every run by upgrading the soles in your shoes. Most soles are overworn and not fit for marathon runners. We create a special type of sole made for long runs."

Use this on your website's home page or a specific product page.

You can also use this for promoting your content.

The difference is that your prospect is asking, "Is this [podcast, newsletter, eBook] worth consuming?" and the bridge illuminates the answer.

Have a weak bridge, and they'll fail to connect your solution (content) to their problem.

Have a strong bridge, and you will continually get people off broken back island to the promised land of pain-free running.

🧠 // JO