Jordan Ogren

August 4, 2021

The power of illuminating questions.

I love running.

It's my sanity pill I can take most days to feel "normal."

My dad is a lifelong runner and got me to run my first 5K when I was ten. I've been hooked ever since.

But even being as experienced as I am with running, there is something I never thought of:

Having two pairs of running shoes that you rotate.

How did I come to this insight? I opened my email and saw this subject line from Saucony (a running shoe brand) email:

"Do you rotate your shoes?"

Clearly, this is a ploy by Saucony to get me to cough up another $130 on a shoe.

But it's also great marketing/sales.

Saucony illuminated a pain (only using one pair and over fatiguing my legs) that I was unaware of.

Many of your prospects walk around, never knowing there is a "better" way.

They don't realize they're currently living in PAINville. And they will remain there until you use an illuminating question.

How can you begin using illuminating questions to help your prospects see a better way and spur action?

šŸ§  // JO