Jordan Ogren

April 6, 2022

The secret to winning with paid ads <> Wizdom from Gary Vee 02

What’s one easy way to make effective ads?

Make a ton of them.

And make them highly personalized for the product, audience, or both.

This lesson comes from Gary Vee and is another episode in our Wizdom from Gary Vee miniseries.

One thing Gary routinely preached was the importance of creating a plethora of hyper-personalized ads.

If you wanted to sell something to Miami folks, wear a Miami Dolphins jersey and directly address them (i.e., “Hey Miami! How we doing?”). This works well if you have a speech or something in-person in a specific city (think recording artist) and want to get locals to attend.

With ads, you can get specific with whom you target, so why directly address the audience you are targetting?

That’s what Gary Vee preaches. And I believe he’s right on this one.

Here are a few others who preach and use this strategy:
  1. Russel Brunson (Clickfunnels)
  2. Dean Graziosi
  3. Tom Brady

What does this look like in practice?

The NFL running ads in Wisconsin for Packer’s gear or showing a new subscription service with clips of what Packer fans would like to watch.

Another example I came across recently was Tom Brady selling his collectible NFTs. Instead of having one ad that covers every collectible that would be released, he made a unique ad for each product.

This worked well because he could sufficiently cover each product and why it may be of interest to you instead of trying to sell the bunch with a generalized pitch. 

Yes, this will take more time than creating 1 or 2 ads. But if your one ad gets minimal clicks and purchases, I believe the extra effort to film ten hyper-personalized videos is worth it.

The secret is knowing what to put into the ads (creative) and understanding your ideal customer well enough to speak directly to them.

Marketeer Insights ⚔️
  1. Instead of making 1-2 ads selling a product or service, make 10+ personalized ads for each product or each buyer
  2. Doing this also gives you more data to know which style of ads to keep making more of (better data allows for better future decisions)
  3. If you are investing in advertising, go all the way and make unique videos that stand out compared to one generalized video that drives undersized results

🧠 + ❤️ // JO