Jordan Ogren

April 19, 2021

The simple way to get people to buy from you.

Today I’m going to be a realtor and sell some homes.

How do I do that?

  • I could try to convince people that they should get a house over renting. 
  • I could show statistics about how much money you save when you buy a house vs. rent.
  • Or, I could be audience-led and figure out what spurs someone to purchase a house.

I could find the natural triggers that move someone to change (to go from renting to purchasing).

I’m not an actual realtor, so my trigger examples will be poor, but here are a few:

  • You get married and want to “upgrade” 
  • You have a child and need more space
  • You get a new job and a significant salary bump

Instead of trying to force change (getting someone to buy a home), figure out the triggers and guide their existing desire.

This could look like a million different things within your marketing-sales:

  • Create content around how to pick a house when you just had your first child
  • Reach out to recently married couples to see where they are at
  • Make a video about the dangers of scaling too fast when you get a big promotion and how to pick a house that you can grow into

Every industry has natural triggers. The tricky part is listening to your ideal customer long enough to figure them out.

An excellent place to start is to reverse engineer the buying process. 

Ask people who “purchased” why they did. 

What was the inciting incident?

If you do that enough times, common threads will jump out. 

And then create content that guides them through that journey and harnesses their intrinsic motivation for change.

Getting people to change is nearly impossible.

But helping the person who had a health scare get healthy is far easier than persuading them to lose weight.

Which are you focusing on?

🧠 // JO