Jordan Ogren

May 11, 2021

The smallest viable audience isn't a compromise.

Why's it so difficult for us to get specific with our audience?

Or why do we trick ourselves and think our target market is focused when it's not?

You can always get more specific.

I have faced this challenge when thinking about my consulting practice.

Because I've only had three clients, it's hard to know who I would best serve. I'm on the journey to figuring out who the smallest audience I bring value to is.

And that's the key: I'm on the journey.

Many never start because they think doing so is compromising. 

By going smaller—more specific—they feel they are losing.

But that couldn't be further from the truth.

"The smallest viable audience isn't a compromise, it's a path forward. Find the folks who are enrolled and open and eager. Serve them instead." — Seth Godin.

Your business could serve everyone. But it shouldn't.

To create a more significant impact, you should strive to find your minimum viable audience.

And delight them so well that word spreads like a California wildfire. 

And then, only then, can you start serving the larger market.

🧠 // JO