Jordan Ogren

June 16, 2021

The ultimate source of content ideas.

I need to talk to more people.

As a self-diagnosed ambivert who leans more toward the introvert side, I rarely “get out.”

I don’t go to business meetups, have coffee dates, or attend events. 

While this allows me to be more productive and get more shit done, it takes something away from me.

It takes away the content ideas that come from conversations.

As a writer, I see everything as potential content-copy. 

I get cut in line at Popeyes; that’s a content idea.
My brother ignores my fifth text message; that’s a content idea.
Johnny mentions using Reddit ads to drive traffic to his new app; boom, content idea.

That’s why I need to have more conversations.

Not only is it good for my mental health, but it also gives me a goldmine of content ideas.

If you struggle with ideas for content, are you looking for them in every area?

Do you view conversations as a place to get a new idea for content?

If not, try it. 

I am confident you will find a content idea in your next conversation if you’re willing to look.

🧠 // JO