Jordan Ogren

May 3, 2022

This email is short. I promise.

Most people write too many words (myself included).

We fail to get to the point and incessantly drone on. This is something I’ve struggled a lot with.

Brevity is not natural for me.

But, I use a simple trick when writing to be less verbose.

The trick is to write whatever I’m writing without thinking–vomit it onto the page. Then imagine every word costs $100.

If I can edit out a word, I save $100.

This will motivate you–silly enough–to cut more words because you view them as expensive. And the truth is, they are.

You are writing to someone whose time matters. Every extra word or paragraph costs them time they could have spent elsewhere.

We rarely think about this as content creators.

We demand time, which is money, from our audience every time we ship without realizing the significance of our demand.

The lesson: Make sure what you’re shipping is concise and does not include words, sentences, or sections that should be omitted.

Because if it does, you’re costing your audience money.

🧠 + ❤️ // JO