Jordan Ogren

March 10, 2022

This is why I stopped getting coffee with people.

Imagine you go out to coffee with someone you've never met before.

You met this person on Instagram, and from their profile, they seem like a cool person.

You order a caramel macchiato and a muffin. They order a dark roast with no cream. Hmm, that's a little sus.

But you push that out of the way and keep an open perspective on this person.

You both sit down, and you ask them what they do.

After 10 minutes, you know everything about them, where they went to school, their favorite football team, and what books they are currently reading.

Rather than returning the question to you, they sit silently, almost waiting for you to ask another question about them. Rather than taking the bait, you begin sharing a little about yourself.

At the first opportunity to take back the conversation, they swiftly do. After that, you begin to zone them out as you realize this person is a complete ass.

Would you like to be around someone like this? 

I wouldn't. I'd run the other way as soon as possible.

Sadly, many businesses talk to their audience this way. They are self-centered and self-conceited.

Where does this happen?
  • Websites
  • Content
  • Social media posts

They focus solely on what they want to talk about and barely ask their audience how they are doing.

Their website is full of #1 provider of X, or Our software is the best at Y. But rarely do they dive deep into their audience, the person on the other side of the screen debating whether to do business with them or not.

How do you avoid this? Care.

Genuinely care about your audience and figure out how to market with them, not at them.

The difference is tangible because you're naturally pulled in to continue the conversation when you speak with someone. But, conversely, when someone speaks at you, you quickly tune them out.

If you feel like no one is listening to your marketing, maybe you're the person who keeps talking about themselves. Of course, no one wants to listen to you.

Treat marketing like conversating with a friend.

Be real.
Be honest.
And care.

It's that simple.

🧠 + ❤️ // JO