Jordan Ogren

April 28, 2021

This is why no one subscribes to your content.

"Sign up for our newsletter!"

If I drank every time I saw that on a website, I'd be drunk before noon (Thankfully, I don't drink).

Why do people use this to promote their newsletter?

I get it if you have a newsletter you don't care about growing. 

But if you are trying to gain more subscribers, asking them solely to sign up or subscribe is the worst way to get them to take action.

This is akin to asking someone to be your girlfriend just because you are single. I'm unsure if that'll work…

Instead, give them something or tease the unique benefit/outcome they will receive by subscribing.

That is the better way to grow your subscription base.

Give them a reason to subscribe to your journey.

What will they discover and learn by subscribing?

This concept goes to everything we do in marketing. 

Have a new webinar coming up? Don't ask them to sign up for it. Give them a reason. 

Here's how I'd do that for a prospecting webinar:

"Do you struggle with keeping your pipeline filled? 

I did until I figured out a simple habit that has led me to crush my quota every month. And I want to share that with you on our upcoming webinar.

But not just me, I also have a special guest who is a renowned prospecting LEGEND. 

Sign up for the webinar as we only have 25 open seats. ACT FAST!"

It's a simple shift from asking them to {insert action} to sharing why they would be an idiot not to do {insert action}.

Use this with your marketing or the next time you're trying to get a date.

I promise it'll work.

🧠 // JO