Jordan Ogren

August 2, 2022

This just got interesting…

Imagine you're sailing the open sea with two amazing sailors.

Your goal is simple: explore every last inch of the world.

You visit terrific places, put your feet in every color of sand, and drink the wildest concoctions the world offers. But then–after almost five years–everything changes.

As you're sailing one morning, the sun barely untucking itself from the horizon, you notice smoke in the distance. As you approach the smoke, you see what's going on.

A man is running up and down the coast with a pole of fire.

After meeting this man and hearing his story, you realize you need his knowledge and skills to continue traveling the world.

After a few days on the sea, you realize how much has changed with that one small decision. The boat seems to have shrunk overnight, and everyone's tummy is slightly less full.

If you had a massive boat with hundreds of people, the change (of adding one person) would be more subtle. You'd likely notice nothing.

The boat I'm describing is MyTalentPlanner and Stop The Vanilla.

For the last 4-5 years, we've kicked ass as a small and tight team. We've honed our communication, collaboration, and commitment to the cause. But that's all changing soon.

Last week, we added our first hire–a customer success specialist–to the MyTalentPlanner team.

Sure this will shake the boat up a bit. But to achieve our goal, we needed to add another sailor. We may lose some time and energy in the beginning.

But in the end, we should be faster, wiser, and happier with more people on the journey.

As a default-to-negativity guy, I'm writing these things to force myself into a space of optimism.

I'm focusing on the 101 amazing things that will come from this rather than the 99 that could go wrong.

And to also continue to work in public with you. Show you our journey and the lessons learned.

I know I'll learn a lot through this team addition.

I'm nervous but excited about this opportunity to grow.

What have you recently been excited about (while also being scared or nervous)?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO