Jordan Ogren

July 6, 2022

To be the best, you must do this...

Learning and mastering a skill is only half the battle in becoming proficient.

The other half is learning to teach that skill.

Many so-called "experts" never reach the other half. This is because they become so good at what they do yet never learn how to teach others. While this appears only to hurt those who desire to become proficient, it also hurts the "expert."

Here are three ways this is harmful to the expert:
  1. They fail to "pass down" their expertise within their company or community
  2. They struggle to move from a doer to a leader (more $$ and power)
  3. They never attain their highest level of performance (ultimate proficiency)
So, how do you learn how to teach others?

The first step I see is to engage in continuous learning yourself. Never stop learning yourself—prioritize learning through reading and practice leading to mastery.

This is the first step for two reasons:
  1. You constantly gain new insights and improve what you will teach others 
  2. You learn what works for you for teaching styles and methods

If you're not actively learning, it will be hard to be an effective teacher.

The next step is to do the work (aka, teach).

By teaching others what you're currently learning, you will slowly get better at teaching. Kind of like this daily email. I improve my teaching ability daily when I sit down and attempt to distill a lesson to you.

Through deliberate repetition, I improve my ability to synthesize information. I learn every day (theoretically and practically) and then take that and pass it on.

You could do this through videos, podcasts, or other content mediums.

Or you could host small cohorts and teach them live. This is likely the best format for teaching because of the next step.

The final step is to gain feedback. 

When you teach live, you get instant feedback as you see people tune you out or stay engaged. You also can test or ask questions to see how well they are learning what you're teaching.

But you can create feedback loops regardless of your delivery method. For example, I can see what resonates with you through responses, conversations, or opens.

If you want to be the category king or queen for your category (i.e., sales or writing), you must master teaching. Mastering the skill of the category is only half the battle.

How are you improving your ability to teach?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO