Jordan Ogren

September 3, 2021

Unconfident? Read this.

Have you ever felt the absence of confidence?

For me, it feels like sleeping naked in a room with transparent walls. While I can’t see outside the room, I know hundreds of people watching me (like in an interrogation room).

This makes me feel vulnerable, alone, and unable to sleep. My confidence in my ability to sleep is at rock bottom. I then begin weeping because the panic of lying there for hours with people watching me is excruciating. 

Likely you’ve felt unconfident in your life. Perhaps it feels slightly different than my nightmare above, but it sucks.

And maybe you feel it daily or weekly. I’m sorry.

But I do have some reassuring news for you:

If you’re on the journey (in the game), you are in the process of building confidence.

Confidence is built in the journey, not the destination. (Shout out to the Headspace podcast for this idea)

For marketers and content creators, this is a relief. 

You no longer need to feel inadequate when you’re in the absence of confidence (which happens weekly for me). All you need to do is trust the process and keep moving forward. Confidence will follow.

I know one of you needs to hear this today (I might be that person). 

Don’t run from an absence of confidence. Instead, lean into it by continuing your journey.

I believe in you.

🧠 // JO