Jordan Ogren

July 27, 2021

Walk it like you talk it.

What’s the difference between the words we use and the words we write?

One is more natural than the other.

When we talk, words flow and form sensible sentences (unless alcohol is involved).

When most people write, they lose the flow and use words that would never come from their mouths.

The hack to writing better *anything* is to write as you talk.

For many, this is challenging—even myself.

But one way to hack the hack (super meta) is to record yourself. 

If you’re writing a sales email, imagine your ideal prospect is across the table from you. Then, hit record and try to sell them.

While you shouldn’t use the recording word for word, it provides you a way to write as you talk.

What will this look like?
  • Shorter sentences (more periods)
  • Simpler words (use instead of utilizing)
  • Better writing (get more of what’s in your head onto the page)

You can tell when someone is writing as they talk. It’s more natural.

The next time you’re going to write something, try to write as you talk. 

It may feel awkward at first, but over time it becomes easier.

And through the process of writing as you talk, you will develop a unique voice. 

Because I highly doubt anyone talks precisely as you do.

🧠 // JO