Jordan Ogren

June 6, 2021

📖 Weekly Book Review <> Mastering the Craft of Writing by Stephen Wilbers


52 writing tips and exercises to help you write with clarity, emphasis, and style—one for every week of the year. This book will give you actionable advice that will instantly improve your writing.


Do you wish you could write better but struggle with where to start?

The good news: this book will give you a playbook to follow to get better.

The bad news: you will need to put in the work each week reading the tip and completing the exercises.

I did not go through this book week by week, but I did complete the exercises, and they are phenomenal.

I plan to go through the book week by week soon as it's one of those books that's worthy of a reread.

Let's get into the review.

3️⃣ main takeaways from the book:

1 <> Write with detail 
"Don't tell the reader; show the reader." — Joseph Conrad. Give your readers something they can sink their teeth in. But don't overdo it with detail, as this can slow down your narrative.

2 <> The broader your vocabulary, the better your writing 
Without having an extensive library of words to chose from, your writing will sound stale and generic. When you have more words to pick from, you will connect deeper with your reader.

3 <> Pick verbs over nouns 
To write in a lively, emphatic style, be biased in favor of verbs, not nouns.

2️⃣ Quotes:

1 <> "Reducing your language [cutting out words] to its essential elements allows you to deliver your message economically, and that economy accentuates the working parts of your sentences." 

2 <> "Humor reduces the distance between the writer and the reader." 

1️⃣ Question:

1 <> What more would you achieve if you could write with clarity?

🧠 // JO