Jordan Ogren

June 13, 2021

📖 Weekly Book Review <> The Transparency Sale by Todd Caponi


Book: The Transparency Sale by Todd Caponi <> 7.1/10

The best way to sell is with transparency. It is better to lead with what you're not the best at than attempt to portray perfection. Our brain requires transparency to purchase, so why not offer it in your sales process?

"We are the best marketing automation, CRM, and content scheduling software!" 

🤔 Do you believe that?

Or, like me, is your bullshit detector going off like the 4th of July?

What if, instead, this company led with something like this:

"Is your marketing department a one-person show? If so, our software may not be the best for you. We provide advanced automation and content scheduling for marketing teams larger than five people."

When you lead with transparency, admitting you aren't the best in X area, you ensure you ease people's BS detectors while filtering for the right customer.

Selling with transparency is not only more effective, it feels a hell of a lot better and less slimy. I hate being slimy.

3️⃣ main takeaways from the book:

1 <> Understand the three stages buyers find themselves in

  1. Actively buying = is actively seeking a solution to the problem they know they have
  2. Passively buying = recognizes the problem exists but has yet to prioritize resolving it.
  3. Status quo = fully content in their current situation no matter how much better it could be with your solution

2 <> When you give transparency, so will your prospect/customer

"It's impossible to fix things you don't know about. When clients leave, getting to the heart of the 'why' is a fundamental requirement." And this becomes easier when you're transparent.

3 <> Use transparent negotiation

Transparent negotiation is when you show your hand to your buyer from the beginning, disarming their barrier to discussion. This not only saves time but also gets to a win-win quicker.

2️⃣ Quotes:

1 <> "Don't be afraid of the flaws in your offerings, as exposing those flaws may be the very reasons your customers engage with you, buy from you, and keep buying from you."

2 <> "Transparency sells better than perfection."

1️⃣ Question:

1 <> How can you become more transparent in your sales and marketing?

🧠 // JO