Jordan Ogren

April 20, 2021

What is your one rule?

"How did you keep writing through it all?"

This question was proposed over a sweltering dark roast last Saturday morning.

"…it all" references the struggle I've had over the last month with anxiety and panic attacks.

He noticed that I never stopped writing my daily emails. 

My answer was that writing was the only way I made it through.

Along with prayer, meditation, reading, journaling, walking, and extensive support from my family.

But later that day, I realized something. 

I came to understand that I have one rule that guides my life and creative work:

Write every single day.

No matter how I feel (which is usually a form of "shitty"), I write.

Whether it's for thirty minutes or an hour, I write.

It could be about marketing, our mortality, or my rollercoaster of emotions.

But it's my one rule that I follow every single day.

And it's one of the keys to getting through the dark nights of the soul.

Do you have a single rule that guides your life and work?

If not, I'd suggest getting one.

And writing every single day is a good rule to try.

It's been the medicine that has soothed my anxiety and helped me regain my sanity.

What's your one rule?

🧠 // JO