Jordan Ogren

August 6, 2021

What laying bricks can teach you about marketing.

Laying bricks is important.

If you want to construct a new building, you have to lay bricks.

But what if all you did was lay bricks?

You knew what you wanted the building to look like, but you never took the time to strategize the best way to lay the bricks.

At best, it takes you ten times as long to finish.
At worst, your building looks nothing like what you had in your mind.

I doubt you’ll have to lay bricks any time soon. But the underlying lesson is crucial:

Doing daily work is essential. But without a more comprehensive strategy it fits within, it’s useless.

Laying the bricks (the work) = Creating content, writing sales emails, updating your website
Strategizing the build (the instructions) = Having a content strategy, creating the sales sequence, having a website strategy.

Focusing only on the instructions will never lead to a finished building.

But laying bricks with no instructions will lead to a wobbly building.

Which do you need to focus more on?

🧠 // JO