Jordan Ogren

May 9, 2021

What NOT to do on Mother's Day.

To the mothers who subscribe to this email, thank you for what you do.

I hope you have a special Mother's Day.

Today I want to cover how to do marketing around holidays.

Posting about a holiday will not usually get you in trouble, as I did above.

But when you're trying to leverage a holiday to push sales, that's when you can get in trouble.

That's why I loved this article written by the email goddess Val Geisler.

It details how a brand sent out an email allowing subscribers to opt-out of their Mother's Day emails. As they put it:

"We understand that Mother's Day can be a sensitive time for some of us."

That's leading with empathy.

Mother's Day isn't the only holiday you should adopt this approach.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, the 4th of July are all holidays some people may not celebrate or even have troubling emotions around.

Have respect for your audience if you are trying to leverage a holiday to sell more stuff.

šŸ§  // JO