Jordan Ogren

April 1, 2022

What really matters?

It felt like I was going to die. My chest hurt, and my left arm tingled.

Everything flashed in front of my eyes. 

Do you know what I didn't see in what I thought were my final moments?

The Netflix series I didn't watch. 
The number of hours I spent working. 
Or the copious amounts of weed I've smoked.

Not that those things didn't matter (Netflix and weed may not matter), but they were further from my conscience.

What came to mind was how I should treat Katie better, how I didn't work out that entire week, and how if I died, I would feel unfulfilled (if you can feel anything after death).

That was last year around this time (March). It was the wake-up call I needed but didn't ask for.

My priorities were out of whack, and I was leading a life I was not proud of. I changed that quickly.

I realized that I was failing the others around me if I was not taking care of myself (i.e., working out, mental fitness).

That pushed me to reprioritize my life and what truly matters. Before my panic attack, here is what mattered to me in order:
  1. Success, money, status
  2. Remaining in my comfort zone (marijuana + too much sugar 😋)
  3. Spiritual development (God)
  4. Working out (physically and mentally)
  5. Loving Katie and developing our relationship
  6. Friends and family

While I had some in the correct place, my top two were ruining me. After three years of operating this way, I finally reached my breaking point.

After months of battling extreme anxiety and slight depression, I developed a new mindset around what matters. 

My new list looks like this:
  1. Spiritual development (God + inner peace)
  2. Working out (physically and mentally)
  3. Loving Katie and developing our relationship
  4. Friends and family
  5. Success, money, status
  6. F*ck the comfort zone (I know I'm inconsistent with my blocking of cursing)
While this may not be revolutionary for you, I hope it challenges you to figure out what you're focusing on most. And possibly change it for the better.

Once I reordered my life, everything changed. Life seems brighter, and I can become a better person every day.

I firmly believe we become what we set our hearts on. "Show me what you care about most and I'll show you who you will become."

What matters most to do? 

🧠 + ❤️ // JO