Jordan Ogren

May 1, 2021

What's a good strategy for your blog? <> Q&A

It's May. Wow. 

Wasn't it March yesterday? Time flies…

How have the first four months of the year been for you?

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Today I want to answer a question many people have when beginning to create content.

A blog or written content is the OG of content marketing. 

HubSpot pioneered blogging in 2012.

But how do you do it in 2021?

Question: How do you do your blogging strategy? (I love how Quora questions are written)

Answer: Answer questions your ideal customer is asking/wondering.

An excellent book that touches on this is They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan.

The premise is that your content, specifically written content, should answer your potential customers' questions.

This insinuates that your blog strategy should answer the questions that your prospects have.

For most industries, this works.

It's not a foolproof method, however. For specific business models, you need to go further than simply answering questions.

But for most businesses, a great way to build out the foundation for your blog is to answer the basic questions.

To start, answering questions your prospects have is an excellent way to get the blog machine in motion.

Let's say we sell carpet cleaning and other household cleaning solutions.

Here are some blog topics you could write about:

  • How to know when your carpet is ready for a cleaning
  • Simple and cost-effective ways to clean your couch
  • Got allergies? Maybe it's your carpet. 5 ways to diagnose if your carpet is killing your sinuses.
  • Are you paying too much to clean your carpets?

One question your prospect may have is, what's a typical price for carpet cleaning? 

In that blog post, you could detail the different tiers of cleaning and layout your pricing.

This helps qualify leads as they can see where your solution falls (high-end, medium, or low-end).

A great place to start when creating a blog is to figure out your prospects' questions and transparently answer them.

Sometimes your solution won't be the best for specific questions. That's great.

Use your blog to educate and qualify prospects. That's a strategy I would recommend.

If you have a blog, what's your strategy?

🧠 // JO