Jordan Ogren

April 4, 2022

What Survivor taught me about marketing.

I love Survivor. My wife and I try to watch a little bit during dinner each night.

We pick seasons from the past with high ratings and have fun picking who we think will win.

I am surprised with who wins every time. Of course, it’s usually someone you would expect, but it’s never an easy pick.

It’s not always the best player. Or the strongest. Or socially competent.

I find it to be something more intrinsic. For example, the season we just wrapped up had a guy named Jeremey win.

He was a great player, but he had something the other two finalists didn’t have:

A compelling story as to why he was playing.

He was playing for his wife, his kids, and his newest-born son. He wanted to win for them. To financially support them and prove himself to his family.

Many times, when he would share this, he would get emotional. He had a strong “why” for playing.

And that was the reason he swept the final votes. The other two contestants played well and could be considered stronger players, but they had no story.

Or, their story wasn’t as compelling and emotional as Jeremy’s.

Think about your business. What’s your story? What’s your compelling reason for doing business?

Don’t have one? I would urge you to invest in finding and defining yours.

Without it, you’re competing on speeds and feeds (being better) which is an uphill challenge.

Instead, compete off being different through a compelling story (your “why”).

🧠 + ❤️ // JO