Jordan Ogren

August 16, 2021

What your friends say about YOU.

Most people make friends with people who are “like” them. I don’t.

The best man for my wedding couldn’t be any more different than I am.

He studies physics and math (Objective subjects, opposite of marketing)
He is agnostic (I am a believer of Christ)
He stays up to around 3am (I go to bed around 9-10pm)
He prefers white eggs (I only eat organic eggs, sorry not sorry)

I was just with him for almost a week visiting Detroit, and it was terrific. Not only does he push me out of my comfort zone, but he helps me see better.

See better?

If all you do is stay in your specific domains, you only see through those lenses.

But if you open yourself up to other viewpoints and ways of life, you enlarge your lens.

The same could be said about marketing. Different viewpoints are needed.

That’s why I spend significant time with people who believe print is still driving ROI or those not in the marketing domain.

Doing this provides me a more comprehensive lens to look through when making marketing decisions.

Too many times we fail to realize the power in different viewpoints. As a result, we fail to surround ourselves with those who disagree or challenge our notions.

I wasn’t always this way. Not too long ago, I was the youngest child who always got his way. And if you didn’t give me my way, then I would find someone who would.

Too many of us act like the 12-year-old Jordan. We surround ourselves with people who confirm what we believe, creating confirmation bias leading to poor outcomes.

The only way to improve your decisions and outcomes is to get inputs from everywhere

This is a lesson for both marketing and life. Use it wisely.

🧠 // JO