Jordan Ogren

July 29, 2021

When content is NOT the best option...

If you want your marketing to bring a 10X ROI in the shortest amount of time, skip content.

😧 “Wait… Did you just say skip content?”

Investing in content is a long-term play.

The benefits CAN come quickly, but you will reap the majority in a longer time frame.

If you wanted to turn $500 into $15,000 through marketing, you wouldn’t pick content.

You would pick paid advertising or influencer marketing.

While I am not against paid advertising, I do hate gambling.

And that’s precisely what paid advertising is. The only way to make a buck is to spend a buck.

Paid advertising forces you to be a slave to continue paying. If all your traffic and leads come from advertising, you can’t stop on a dime. You have to continue playing to continue growing.

Content does not work like that.

Content is more like investing in savings bonds or a 401K. Over time, it incurs more and more, resulting in a significant payoff in the future.

If you plan to run your business for a long time, content is the way to go. It’s the way you build brand and position yourself for future success.

So when you want to test out advertisements, you will gain a greater ROI because of the content you’ve been producing. It also creates a higher conversion rate as people engage with your content after the ad and eventually convert.

You still need to invest in short-term marketing plays. But if that’s all your marketing focuses on, you will inevitably die.

You might hit it big here or there, but you’re not building a marketing infrastructure that leads to longevity and winning the infinite game we’re playing in business.

Are you playing the infinite game?

🧠 // JO