Jordan Ogren

June 21, 2021

Where social media ranks in importance.

Last week I spoke on how marketing is a second-order principle. (If you missed it, read it here).

But today, I wanted to go deeper into the principles within marketing.

Precisely where social media fits.

If your marketing plan begins with the channels you will market on (social media possibly being one), you’re flipping the script. Not in a good way.

I would argue that social media, picking your channels, is low on the list of importance—it’s a fourth or fifth-order principle of marketing.

How do you know which social media to attack before you’ve nailed your ideal customer profile?

Or before you’ve set your content strategy, which will lead to knowing where your content can be best repurposed.

I’m not saying social media is not important. I am saying that it ranks low in marketing importance. 

Social media is unfruitful without doing the more important things (ideal customer profile, messaging, strategic narrative).

Note: Some brands/people have made social media a top priority, and it’s paid off for them. 

But I’d argue that they have their first and second-order principles nailed to make social media bring greater ROI.

Jumping straight into social media is like running into a burning house with a bucket of water.

You may feel like you’re doing “something,” but it’d be best if you took some time to get a hose.

🧠 // JO