Jordan Ogren

July 12, 2021

Which matters more: frequency or objectives?

"Objective-driven rather than frequency-driven content production just makes more sense."

When I read this, I almost spat out my oatmeal.

How could someone argue that objective-driven content matters more than consistently showing up?

After taking a few breaths to regain my emotional control, I realized this person has a point.

Sometimes we can get lost in frequency without ensuring it's accomplishing our objective for content marketing.

Example: It's Tuesday, so we have to publish an article.

Here's how the author led into the statement at the start of the email:

"So if you, like most others, are obsessing over publishing one article every week (every content marketing agency wants you to), it's time to take a step back and reassess your goal behind content marketing."

I agree with this. Just because everyone is doing X every week does not mean you need to.

And even could be counterintuitive to your objective.

That's why I argue your objectives should decide frequency with your content.

If your objective is solely sales-based, then maybe frequent content does not matter.

But if you want to build a category (awareness around a new pain/market) or establish yourself as a leader in X market, you may need to publish frequently.

OR, if you're like me and want to get better at creating and discovering my voice, the best way to do that is to show up daily (very frequently).

So, all that to say that I believe frequency-driven content production is rooted in your objectives. 

And for most businesses and people, choosing to publish frequently and consistently beats spontaneity.

🧠 // JO