Jordan Ogren

March 31, 2022

Which would you take?

Imagine I have a purple pill. Taking the pill will give you clarity.

Pop it every morning, and you'll have extreme clarity for the rest of the day (did someone say Adderall?). 

Would you take it?

I would. I'd even snort a purple line of it every morning (🤧 wipes nose).

Why would I? Because clarity is everything. When I struggle most in life, it's usually because of low clarity.

I am sad because my cat died, and I don't know how to live without her.
I am depressed because the future is unknown and overwhelming.
I am angry because my current cat won't shut up for food.

These are all moments of low clarity and high emotional turmoil.

Rather than break down some purple pills, I choose to do something healthier that provides clarity.

What is that?


Writing helps you figure your shit out. It takes the million thoughts and emotions you have and works them out.

Imagine a basket full of clean but unfolded clothes in front of you (This is your brain!).

After writing, the clothes in the basket are folded neatly and organized (This is your brain with clarity).

That only comes through writing.

It untangles things and provides you with clarity around the situation in front of you.

It won't solve every problem you have. But it will allow you to think more clearly about the situation.

Which leads to the best decision or path forward. And that decision may be acceptance of the problem.

Like when my cat Evee passed away suddenly. No amount of writing could bring her back.

But through writing, I was able to unbox my anger and sadness, get to a better place of acceptance and gratefulness, and live a better life (I believe they call this grieving).

Without writing, I would have little clarity around it, resulting in still struggling with the sadness and painful emotions.

Writing won't solve your problems. But it will help you think with greater clarity empowering you to figure shit out and move forward.

Which would you take, the purple pill or writing for 15 minutes every day?

🧠 + ❤️ // JO