Jordan Ogren

June 2, 2021

Why should I care? <> Workshop Wednesday

It’s 2050, and you’re a flying car salesperson.

How do you go about selling flying cars to people who do not come looking for them?

Do you sell them on your solution?

Or do you sell them on the problem-opportunity?

I would start with the problem. Traveling with a normal car takes up to four times as long and double the cash for gas.

By using a flying car, you not only speed up your travel and reduce costs, but you significantly put your family at less risk.

Instead of selling your model of flying cars, you need to sell them on why using a regular car is horrible.

Today’s ad fails to sell the problem significantly. Let’s begin:

What I like (Assent)
  • The Future of Coaching copy in the image is an excellent way to get the right person (coaches) to stop scrolling
  • A good CTA (“Discover why the future of professional coaching is digital”)

What I dislike (Dissent)
  • A first sentence that is hard to understand and as long as the wall of China
  • Too much jargon (bridges the gap, innovative and adaptable technology, modern workplace)
  • It barely sells me on why, as a coach, I need to adapt to the future of coaching, which is digital

Here’s how I’d improve this ad:

What did I change?
  • Hit the nail-problem on the head (Only doing face-to-face coaching will not cut it)
  • Shared the consequences of the old game (You won’t make it past the next few years)
  • Cut the junk words (modern workplace, discover, bridges the gap)

When selling someone on your solution, you’re usually selling more.

You’re selling them on the fact that they are using the old game, that there is a new game, and we are the best at this new game.

You need to focus on the problem and what’s changed in their world, making it urgent to change.

The challenge with taking this approach is that you must deeply understand and care for your end-user.

Sadly, much content (organic and paid) is less about empathy and more about sales.

When you flip the switch from “How can this generate sales?” to “How can we make someone feel like we get where they are and share that we understand their pain?”

Doing the latter will result in more sales.

🧠 // JO