Jordan Ogren

January 31, 2022

Why unsubscribes are good.

I love it when someone unsubscribes. 

Or when someone tells me my daily email is too {insert undesirable trait}. Why do I enjoy this?

Because the goal of content should be to push away the wrong people.

And to violently pull in those who see the world the same way as you.

Many of the best content creators are hated by people who don’t see the world the same way. Some examples?

  • Christopher Lochhead
  • Ben Shapiro 
  • Jordan Peterson
  • Gary Vee

They realize that creating content to make everyone happy results in vanilla content. So instead, they’re extremely vocal about how they see the world and are fine when those who don’t see the world the same way unsubscribe.

A prerequisite to executing this is having a unique point of view. It doesn’t need to be polarizing. But it needs to be unique and somewhat bold.

Your content will never stand out if you don’t have a POV.

Some examples of POV’s:
  • Cold calling is the new (and old) way to drive pipeline in 2022 and beyond
  • We need to address mental illness more through mindfulness and behavioral change rather than only pills and potions
  • The best companies create categories that enable them to win 80% of the newly created market; they don’t aim for product-market fit
  • Creating great marketing is less about best practices and hacks and more about improving HOW you think about marketing (my POV)

Many people will disagree with your POV. Let them go.

Find those who align with your POV or see bits of it they agree with. They will stick with you longer and help you create authentic content.

If you don’t have a unique POV, find time to create one.

If you do, let me know what your POV is!

🧠 + ❤️ // JO