Jordan Ogren

December 10, 2021

Why won’t my wife trust me…

I’m a great driver. (Let’s be honest, who doesn’t think they’re a good driver?)

But one thing I hate is winter driving. Snow, ice, blizzards, it ain’t for me.

But I do drive well, even in hazardous conditions. It’s a skill I feel proud of because I keep those in my care safe.

How do I know this? *knock on wood* I’ve yet to get into a full-blown crash.

I have backed into my brother’s car in our driveway in high school.
I’ve also done my fair share of stupid—intentional—driving stunts (driving down hills and over curbs).
But that’s it.

I’m a proactive, cautious, and intelligent driver. 

So why, then, does my wife still get anxious when riding with me?

This thought hit me when we were driving to church last Sunday evening. It was snowing all day and getting icy.

So, as usual, I drove slower and more cautious. Fortunately, few cars were on the road, making us even safer.

But as I looked over at Katie in the passenger seat, I could see her white-knuckling the door handle and flexing and relaxing her hand rapidly, which she does when anxious.

This made me angry. Why doesn’t she trust my *almost* perfect driving ability!

I’ve never let her down before; why does she fear I will now?

Then it hit me—a life lesson.

I do the same thing with God. Over and over again.

Case in point: I am anxious about Katie and I’s future now that she has MS. I fear everything will come crashing in.

But, he’s yet to fail me. So then, why am I anxiously gripping the door handle and flexing my hand?

Because faith is challenging.

Even when you know everything will work out to a degree of 99.99% certainty, you still have doubts and fears.

This made me look at Katie with a smile on my face, seeing myself in her. Knowing I do the same thing to God.

That picture has helped me realize my lack of faith at that moment and in future moments. And eventually, help me let go and let God.

Whether you believe in God or not, the lesson stands. The Universe, Love, Awareness, or God, has and will never fail us.

We though may fail *it* by not having faith. 

I hope this silly—and possibly stupid—anecdote helps you gain faith in moments when faith seems veiled by objective experience.

Life Insights ⚔️
  • We do not control the outcomes of life, but we do control our faith that goodness will prevail (God, Love, Awareness)
  • Worrying and stressing does nothing but further us from peace
  • Be open to letting your mundane activities (driving in a snowstorm) teach you how to live a better life. If you’re willing, the lessons are everywhere

🧠 + ❤️ // JO