Jordan Ogren

June 9, 2021

Why writing is the best way to sell.

You have two choices:

Sell for the rest of your life using only your voice or writing.

Which do you pick?

As elegant and articulate as I am (hold on, let me put my ego back in the box), I would pick writing.

Why is that?

Writing has a longer shelf life.

Even if you could record yourself giving a pitch and put it on the sales page, it doesn’t hit as writing does.

You need to contextualize it continually, and that’s not scalable.

Writing lives longer while being able to continue to sell long past its creation.

Writing a killer sales page or advertisement can keep money pouring in like rain in Seattle.

That’s why I’m bullish on teaching writing.

When you can master emotion and persuasion through your keyboard, you have true magic in your hand.

You can apply that to your website, outbound emails, content, and even your resume.

When you can effectively wield writing, you control your future.

Whether in terms of sales or sanity.

Writing is the key that unlocks the door to better.

While being an excellent speaking is important, realize that by mastering writing, your speaking will improve.

But solely focusing on speaking (cold calls, pitching in public) will never result in better writing.

Cook two eggs on one skillet.

Master the craft of writing.

🧠 // JO