Jordan Ogren

August 20, 2021

Writing = Clarity.

I screwed up.

It was the first project I was managing, and I dropped the ball.

After letting my fist kiss the wall, I was ready to move on and learn from this.

But first, let me share what happened:

Stop The Vanilla needed some graphic design work done (slide decks, business cards, etc.), and I hired Katie (my wife) to do the job.

My task was to manage the project and ensure it got done.

While we didn't miss the deadline, I made a few boneheaded mistakes. I sent Katie the files four days after our meeting and had no sense of urgency.

This resulted in a bumpy start to the project. To ensure the rest of the project went well, I did what any writer does:

Get my thoughts on paper to gain clarity on the situation and steps to prevent it in the future.

You can see that document below:

What I did wrong-2.png

Why am I sharing my mistakes with you? (I promise I'm not mistaking you for my therapist).

To help you see an enormous benefit that writing can bring:

Clarity in thought.

After the mistake, I was angry with myself, pissed at Katie for something I did wrong, and in a shitty mood.

After getting my thoughts on paper, I felt rejuvenated and ready to move forward.

I had clarity around what happened and how to avoid it, which produced intention with my subsequent actions.

The next time you're faced with a perplexing challenge or a silly blunder, write it out.

Get a piece of paper or an empty word doc and start writing.

List out the pros and cons of the decision. Then, write down how the mistake made you feel.

Once done, you will realize the tremendous progress you've made without ever leaving your chair.

Writing is powerful—both for marketing and life.

Are you getting the full benefits that writing can bring?  

🧠 // JO